By providing financial support to selected blind and visually impaired Washington residents, the Washington Council of the Blind…

  • supports their personal growth and realization of educational goals
  • increases the visibility of blind and visually impaired students on campuses
  • and promotes the development of future leaders in our communities.

2020 Washington Council of the Blind Scholarship

The Washington Council of the Blind’s 2020 scholarship application period is now live. head to scholarship application to learn more and apply.

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Last year, the WCB awarded a total of $17,500 to nine recipients.

Seven people dressed formally smiling
Seven of the recipients were able to attend the WCB Convention scholarship reception and banquet.

Shelby Kappler
"Receiving the WCB scholarship has helped me go further than I ever thought I could. Speaking quite literally, I was able to use the award money to study abroad in Europe. As a global studies major, international experience is essential to my education. I had given up on the idea of studying abroad during college because I couldn’t afford it, until WCB presented the opportunity to make my dream a reality. I owe my sincerest gratitude to WCB for their belief in me and investment in my future."

Jeff Bowler
"I am honored to have been the recipient of four Washington Council of the Blind scholarships. One of the highlights of being a scholarship recipient is being able to attend the yearly convention, to make connections with others throughout the state with visual impairments. Not only have the funds covered the gaps of the many extra costs affiliated with going to school full-time, but WCB's support from their wonderful members sends the message that they are here to support us in the visually-impaired community. Thank you for that extra push that made the difference for me. I am currently attending the last semester in my program to become a teacher of the visually impaired and in orientation and mobility specialist. I have just accepted a position with the Washington State School for the Blind."

Courtney Cole
"The generosity of WCB helped me to attend my school of my dreams, Seattle University. In addition to the enriching courses at Seattle University, I have learned so much from living independently in Seattle. This year I've worked as a Creative Intern at Rooted in Rights, a part of Disability Rights Washington that creates advocacy media. Through the experience, I have become immersed in the world of disability rights and have grown as a professional and an advocate. The scholarship paid for part of my tuition, allowing me to move toward my goal of becoming a mental health counselor.

The financial support that the WCB has provided me helped allow me to stay in the city that I love, to be independent, and to grow as a scholar, professional, and person."

Cindy Van Winkle
"Going back to school at age 54 is a little bit scary. Doing it while in a new job with a very long commute could be considered crazy. The support of WCB with a 2016 scholarship has empowered me to face my fears and embrace the crazy. Thank you for believing in me!"