WCB 2021 Conference and Convention


Virtual Convention 2021



Hosted by

WCB Board of Directors



October 28, 29, and 30, 2021

Online via Zoom all over the Great State of Washington and across the country


Welcome to the 2021 annual convention of Washington Council of the Blind!  Registered virtual convention attendees are eligible for door prize drawings and may participate in sessions by using the Zoom links they received.


Verified WCB members eligible to vote received personalized voting instructions, including the business meeting Zoom link and link to the assigned voting station.


Unless otherwise indicated, most events will be streamed on ACB Media 9.  Listen online at www.acbmedia.org/9.   You may also use an Alexa device to listen: say the wake word, then “Open ACB Media” then “Play ACB Media 9.”  If already enabled, use the shortcut – “Ask ACB Media to Play 9.”  ACB Media streams are also available on the Victor Stream by searching for ACB Radio.


MANY THANKS to our convention sponsors…

(listed in the order received)



Deb Cook Lewis

Sheri Richardson

Kayla King

Northwest Access Fund

United Blind of Seattle





Marilee Richards

Andy Arvidson

Viola Bentson

Colette Arvidson

Terry Atwater

Glenn McCully

Ursula McCully

Stuart Russell




Rita Dilek

Michael Edwards

Maria Buczynska

Michael Alvarez



Anonymous (3)

Danette Dixon

Nancy Lind

Jim Turri

Cindy Hollis

Dorene Cornwell

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Bruce Radtke

Yuki Tamura

GuideLights and Gadgets

Hope Vision Foundation


Events streamed on ACB Media 9 are indicated in BOLD.


5 p.m.    First Timers Orientation: ZOOM ONLY

Hosted by WCB First Timers Committee

Only those attendees who indicated on their registration that this convention is their first have been invited to this session.


6 p.m.    WCB Welcome Lounge: ZOOM ONLY

Hosted by WCB Membership Committee

Drop by the Zoom room to meet old and new friends and learn about the convention, including how to access all aspects of this fun weekend.


7 p.m.   Pre-convention WCB Board Meeting


9 p.m.    Constitution & Bylaws Committee meeting, immediately followed by Resolutions Committee meeting: ZOOM ONLY


9 p.m.   Hospitality

Join us!  Tonight it’s Stage II trivia game, hosted by Beth Greenberg.



Events streamed on ACB Media 9 are indicated in BOLD.


Presiding Officer: Julie Brannon, WCB President

9:00 a.m.    Opening Ceremonies


Minister Antoinette Jackson, by His word Christian center

Pledge of Allegiance

Andy Arvidson, President, Skagit & Island Counties Council of the Blind

National Anthem

Meka White, President, South King Council of the Blind

Welcome from the WCB Board of Directors


9:10 a.m.    President’s Report

Julie Brannon, President, Washington Council of the Blind


9:30 a.m.    Nominating Committee Report

Sheri Richardson, Chair, WCB Nominating Committee


9:40 a.m.    Constitution and Bylaws Committee Report

Frank Cuta, Chair, WCB Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Reading of proposed amendments to our governing documents


10:00 a.m.  American Foundation for the Blind

Kirk Adams, CEO

Kirk will share a little about AFB and also his journey as a blind person who has accomplished admirable life goals.


Presiding Officer: Andy Arvidson, WCB First Vice President

10:30 a.m.  Careers after COVID and Higher Education post-COVID

Panelists from Department of Services for the Blind will share their perspective on the outlook for higher education and job and career possibilities for blind and visually impaired Washingtonians after COVID.       Panelists:

Michael MacKillop, Acting Executive Director


Lisa Wheeler, MA

Assistant Director of Vocational Rehabilitation and Workforce


11:30 a.m.  Medical Track

This presentation will include various topics, including accessible hospital discharge paperwork, a medical alternative which provides affordable medical care in your own home, and accessible medical equipment for diabetics.

Facilitated by Judy Brown RN, BSN

Panelists: De Ann Johnson, Business Development Representative

Dispatch Health


Kirsten Anderson, Senior Clinical Account Manager



Kim Morrison, RN BSN CDE, Seattle Territory Manager



12:15 p.m.  Featured Vendors

HIMS, Inc.

Irie-AT, Inc.

Leading Edge Vision      


Presiding Officer:

Sheri Richardson, WCB Second Vice President

1:00 p.m.    Hungry? No big deal, let us prepare your meal

Facilitated by Cathy Wilson

Panelists: Emily Antin, Inbound Sales Representative, B2B



Jill Subera, Marketing Director

Schwan’s Home Delivery


1:45 p.m.    Framing Advocacy for Accessible Prescription Labeling

Ari Ne’eman, author of an essay recently published in The New York Times called “What if Disability Rights Were for Everyone?” will present.


2:30 p.m.    Disaster Medicine Project

Dr. Robert Mitchell, retired physician, will present Stop the Bleed, teaching ordinary people how to respond in an emergency situation.


Presiding Officer: Alco Canfield, WCB Secretary

3:15 p.m.    Clubhouse: a Personal Adventure, an Organizational Asset     

This powerful new online tool is a melding of conferencing and social networking.  How might your affiliate benefit from such a resource?

Facilitated by Frank Cuta, Engineer, retired

Panelists: Cindy Hollis, ACB Membership Services Coordinator

Jeff Bishop, Program Manager, Microsoft


3:45 p.m.    Getting Fit and Staying Fit: It’s a Personal Choice

Fitness journeys are individual and personal.  In this session, we’ll learn how two people who are blind have embraced theirs, providing us all a little extra motivation to create our own.

Facilitated by Cindy Hollis

Panelists: Tim McCorcle, Seattle, WA

Leslie Spoone, Orlando, FL


4:30 p.m.    Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

“Ironically, one of the strongest vehicles of communication is not what you say, rather it’s how you say it.”  Join this informative presentation to learn about Toastmasters through an online community for those who are blind and visually impaired.

Facilitated by Cindy Hollis

Presented by Ted Shelly, President, VIP Online Toastmasters


5:15 p.m.    Featured Vendors


Northwest Association for Blind Athletes

A.T. Guys

Northwest Access Fund


6:15 p.m.    Break


6:30 p.m.    WCB Fundraising Live Auction

Auctioneers extraordinaire Cindy Hollis and Dan Spoone will wrangle bidders into a frenzy … just in time for the holidays!

NOTE: This session will be streamed, but you must be connected to Zoom in order to bid on items.


6:30 p.m.     Social Hour: ZOOM ONLY

Youth Track participants only (students and families)


9:00 p.m.    Hospitality

Join us!  Tonight it’s The Newlywed Game hosted by Cindy Hollis, with our 3 couples: Colette and Andy Arvidson, Hayley and David Edick, and Ursula and Glenn McCully.



Events streamed on ACB Media 9 are indicated in BOLD.


8:15 a.m.    Vendors on Parade


Presiding Officer:

Denise Colley, WCB Immediate Past President

9:00 a.m.    Welcome Back


9:05 a.m.    National Report

Learn what’s happening on a national level with American Council of the Blind.             Deb Cook Lewis, ACB First Vice President


9:30 a.m.    The Jobs People Do

The unemployment rate of those who are blind continues to be at an unacceptably high level.  Panelists are successfully employed in very different fields and will share the paths which led them there.

Facilitated by Cindy Hollis

Panelists: Chelsea Armstrong, Test Technician

Quality Logic

Boise, ID


Larry Watkinson, Deputy Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity

Washington State Department of Transportation

Olympia, WA


Natalie Couch, Customer Service Representative

Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities

Louisville, KY


Presiding Officer: Reginald George, WCB Board Director

10:15 a.m.  APH ConnectCenter

Learn about American Printing House for the Blind’s ConnectCenter, presented by Richard Rueda.


10:45 a.m.  Put the FUN in Fundraising

This presentation will highlight fundraising ideas for local chapters as well as opportunities that are available through WCB, focusing on what’s applicable to fundraising in the state of Washington.


Presented by Lisa George, Chair, WCB Fundraising Committee and Kim Moberg, President, South Kitsap Council of the Blind.


11:15 a.m.  The Big Three

Let’s learn what’s happening with our agencies serving the blind and visually impaired.



Scott McCallum


Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB)


Danielle Miller

Director and Regional Librarian

Washington Talking Book and Braille Library (WTBBL)


Michael MacKillop

Acting Executive Director

Department of Services for the Blind (DSB)


12:00 p.m.   Lunch with Hayley and Vivian: ZOOM ONLY

Youth Track participants only (parents)


12:15 p.m.  Forward Together: An Inside Look at Guide Dog Training

This presentation hosted by Guide Dog Users of Washington State (GDUWS) is excerpted from the Guide Dog Users, Inc. (GDUI) program at the 2021 ACB conference and convention. It features Christie Bane, author of the book “Forward Together: An Inside Look at Guide Dog Training.”



In Memoriam; Nominations/Elections: President, First Vice President, Treasurer and 3 board directors; Proposed Operations Budget for 2022; Proposed Constitution and Bylaw Amendments

Resolutions; Old business; New business


1:30 p.m.     Science of Sound activity: ZOOM ONLY

Youth Track participants only (students and families)


5:00 p.m.    Vendors on Parade


5:30 p.m.    The Science of Sound (career panel)

The panelists will share how sound has played an important part of their lives, from being part of their career path to ways to make entertainment more accessible for the blind to radio, podcasting, and advocating through the use of social media.

Facilitated by Hayley Agers, Chair, WCB Families Committee

Panelists: Joey Stuckey, owner and Senior Engineer

Shadow Sound Studio


Debbie Hazelton, podcast producer/Grid FM radio host


Anna Garcia, “Blind with a Vision” YouTube content creator


Tanja Milojevic, voiceover artist/podcast producer


7:00 p.m.    Banquet

Mistress of Ceremonies

Denise Colley, WCB Immediate Past President



Julie Brannon, WCB President


Presentation of scholarships

Kim Moberg, Chair, WCB Scholarship Committee


Presentation of awards

Jessamyn Landby, Chair, WCB Awards Committee


Introduction of Youth Track participants

Hayley Agers, Chair, WCB Families Committee


Recognition of WCB Life Members

Julie Brannon, WCB President


Banquet address

Deb Cook Lewis, ACB First Vice President


9:00 p.m.    Hospitality

Join us!  Tonight it’s Karaoke with Cindy and Meka!


All of this year’s vendors have recordings that will be played throughout the convention.  Featured vendors will also have 15 minute slots during the Friday mid-day and evening segments.  Browse this listing for contact details and thank them for participating in our virtual convention.


A.T. Guys                                                     (Kalamazoo, MI)

Michael Babcock




Your access technology experts. Affordable and useful technology gadgets and tools for work, school, and play. Headsets, keyboards, braille displays, cell phones, slates, voice recorders, and more. Customized training and accessibility consulting also available.

Visit our website: www.atguys.com


A.T. Guys will be featured

FRIDAY at 5:45 p.m.


Bazyn Communications                             (Burbank, CA)

Ardis Bazyn




Besides business coaching on a variety of topics, the following products are available: multipocketed tote bags, thumb drives, and Braille/print greeting cards for all occasions.

Visit our website: www.bazyncommunications.com




Beyond Vision                                             (Milwaukee, WI)

Jennifer Wenzel




We are a growing company with many excellent opportunities. We have a growing manufacturing plant, remote and physical call center work, and customer service at several base supply center stores. Come learn about us and apply!

Visit our website: www.beyondvision.com


Computers for the Blind                            (Richardson, TX)

Christy Householter




Computers for the Blind (CFTB) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to providing computers to persons who are blind or visually impaired. It is our hope that each person who is visually impaired may experience the information age in a positive and productive manner. We believe technology opens new worlds and creates opportunity for greater personal freedom. We provide accessible laptops and desktops at an affordable price.

Visit our website: www.computersfortheblind.org




GuideLights and Gadgets                          (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Barry Scheur




KaeAnn Rausch




We specialize in 3 lines of products, all intended to assist in access to adaptive electronics, enhance experiences for guide dog teams, and offer practical accessories for organization and travel. We work with our customers 1-on-1 to assure the proper selection of product to meet each individual customer’s goals and needs.


All products we sell we have personally evaluated for accessibility and usability for people who are blind or visually impaired. WE WANT EACH OF OUR PRODUCTS TO BE USEFUL, ACCESSIBLE, AND, WHENEVER POSSIBLE, FUN!

Visit our website: www.guidelightsandgadgets.us


HIMS, Inc.                                                  (Austin, TX)

Cody Mitchell




HIMS is a leading provider of Braille and Low Vision products across the US and has proudly partnered with Irie-AT here in the Pacific Northwest. As a braille-first company, we offer the most powerful and useful braille displays and notetakers in the world, including the all-new BrailleSense 6, the most powerful and useful notetaker.

Visit our website: www.hims-inc.com


HIMS will be featured

FRIDAY at 12:15 p.m.


Hope Vision Foundation                            (Tacoma, WA)

Erin Seefeldt




Hope Vision Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers people with low vision and blindness in the South Sound to live their best lives by improving access to education, low vision resources, and adaptive aids.


Attend in-person and online workshops for people experiencing vision loss and their care partners.


In person – Go to a Vision Fair and get connected to local resources, listen to experts in the field, and try out adaptive aids. See our website at www.hopevisionfoundation.org for dates.


Online – courses at www.school-of-vision.teachable.com

Visit our website: www.hopevisionfoundation.org


Hull Foundation and Learning Center      (Sandy, OR)

Kerith Vance




HFLC provides programs and services to adults with sight loss and blindness virtually and at our 22 acre park space. We offer free Peer to Peer Support by phone; free Zoom workshops for daily living, book club and chats; and in person retreats and getaways. For those new to sight loss we have seminars at our park facility that focus on orientation, mobility, magnification, lighting and more. Our retreats include opportunities to go white water rafting, rock climbing and kayaking. Getaways offer a variety of games, crafts and activities. Our purpose is to keep hopes and dreams alive!

Visit our website: www.oralhull.org


Irie-AT, Inc.                                               (Corvallis, OR)

Cody Mitchell




Irie-AT is a distributor of braille and low vision products; specializing in computer access software, video magnifiers, braille embossers and tactile graphics. We also offer our own line of braille embossers. Irie-AT is the national distributor and service center for Dolphin Computer Access, ViewPlus, Rehan, SightCare, VisionAid International, Thinkable and more.

Visit our website: www.irie-at.com


Irie-AT will be featured

FRIDAY at 12:30 p.m.


Leading Edge Vision                                  (Rathdrum, ID)

Aileen Zaken




Aileen Zaken and Leading Edge Vision are excited to once again be part of Washington Council of the Blind’s annual convention. For those who don’t know us, Leading Edge Vision provides people with products to help them with their low vision and blindness needs. Our goal is to fit people with the product that best meets their goals and lifestyle. This year we have partnered with IRIE-AT to expand our line of products and services. IRIE offers some of the best. I think you will be excited to learn more.

Looking forward to a great convention!

Visit our website: www.leadingedgevision.com


Leading Edge Vision will be featured

FRIDAY at 12:45 p.m.


The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.           (Seattle, WA)

Shawn Dobbs




The Lighthouse is a private, not-for-profit social enterprise providing employment, support, and training opportunities for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities. We’ve provided employment and support to people who are blind since 1918.


Our philosophy: Each employee be provided with whatever supports are necessary for success in the workplace. Supports include an in-house sign language interpreting department ensuring effective communication for employees who are DeafBlind, mobility instructors to teach independent travel with a white cane or dog guide, and over 100 computer workstations adapted for use by individuals who are visually impaired.

Visit our website: www.lhblind.org/jobs/a-job-with-a-purpose


Non-24/Vanda Pharmaceuticals              (Washington, DC)

Shauna Jatho, RN, clinical nurse educator




Non-24 is a chronic disorder that disrupts a person’s sleep and wake schedule. Up to 70% of totally blind individuals may develop Non-24 but you don’t have to be totally blind to have this disorder. Without enough or any light cues, individuals living with Non-24 may experience:

  • Trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep during the night
  • A strong urge to sleep during the day or a tendency to fall asleep unexpectedly
  • Difficulty staying awake during the day which may affect time at work, at school, social activities and/or family time
  • Periods of good sleep followed by periods of poor sleep


Non-24/Vanda will be featured FRIDAY at 5:15 p.m.


Northwest Access Fund                             (Seattle, WA)




Northwest Access Fund is a nonprofit loan fund that helps Washingtonians with disabilities afford assistive technologies. Northwest Access Fund’s mission is to offer people with disabilities customized loans, financial coaching, and other resources to promote access to assistive technology, independence, financial resilience, and life opportunities.


WCB members in good standing for at least 6 months are eligible for 0% interest loans to purchase assistive technologies.

Visit our website: www.nwaccessfund.org


Northwest Access Fund will be featured

FRIDAY at 6:00 p.m.


Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (Vancouver, WA)

Tara Rogowsky




Our mission at Northwest Association for Blind Athletes is to provide life-changing opportunities through sports and physical activity to individuals who are blind and visually impaired. We host in-person and virtual events every month. Our in-person events include hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and more! Our virtual events include high-contrast video and audio-described workouts with a supportive community of athletes. Our virtual workouts range from full-body workouts to Tai Chi, yoga, Zumba, core & glutes workouts, and more! Our events are at no cost to our athletes. If you are interested in joining, please call/text 360.448.7254 or email trogowsky@nwaba.org. Visit our website: www.nwaba.org


Northwest Association for Blind Athletes

will be featured FRIDAY at 5:30 p.m.


Pierce County Association of the Blind    (Tacoma, WA)

David Edick, President




Pierce County Association of the Blind is a group of visually impaired and sighted persons gathering for comradery, voicing our needs in the community, and mentoring those new to visual impairment or needing tips to access the many resources available.  Our group has weathered the changing times of living in the Pierce County region since we started in 1934. We use our vast skill sets to achieve a voice in our community, to fundraise in support of programs for visually impaired persons, and to enhance awareness of visual impairment in the world around us. We meet monthly on Zoom, and look forward to seeing you there.

Visit our website: www.pcabinfo.org


United Blind of Seattle                              (Seattle, WA)

Darryl Roberts, President




United Blind of Seattle is one of the oldest and largest affiliate members of Washington Council of the Blind. We offer a warm and welcoming environment for everyone in the blind and low vision community.


Our mission is to provide advocacy, support, educational opportunities, social activities, and more. We are a diverse and vibrant membership dedicated to the goal of elevating and empowering the lives of all in the blind community. It is more than a goal, it’s our passion.


We invite you to join us on our adventure of service.

UBS. United Blind of Seattle.



United Blind of Tri-Cities                           (Benton City, WA)

Frank Cuta, President




The United Blind of Tri-Cities is one of the largest and most friendly consumer advocacy groups in Washington State.  In addition to our monthly breakfast business meeting, we keep our members active by hosting frequent social get-togethers that encourage them to get out of their homes.  Each month we have a “lunch bunch” get-together, a group that plays cards, a book discussion group and a tech group.  We also have an annual picnic, Christmas party and pizza feed.  We enjoy our local radio reading service and going to described plays.  We are active on the web and Facebook.


United Blind of Whatcom County             (Ferndale, WA)

Yvonne Thomas Miller, President




UBWC welcomes its members to participate in the Book Club, Legislative Committee & Social Committee. Additionally, we have our summer picnic in July and Christmas party in December. We are proud to be affiliated with Washington Council of the Blind and American Council of the Blind.

Follow us: www.facebook.com/UnitedBlindofWhatcomCounty




Washington State

Department of Services for the Blind      (statewide)

LaDell Lockwood

Seattle, WA




Washington State Department of Services for the Blind (DSB) provides services for people of all ages who are blind or have low vision in the state of Washington. DSB provides training, counseling, and support to help Washington residents of all ages, who are blind or visually impaired, pursue employment, education, and independent living.


Our goal is “Inclusion, Independence, and Economic Vitality for People with Visual Disabilities.”

Visit our website: www.dsb.wa.gov


Washington Talking Book & Braille Library (Seattle, WA)

Danielle Miller




The Washington Book & Braille Library (WTBBL) provides free, comprehensive library service to Washington residents who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, physically disabled (can’t hold a book or turn a page), or reading disabled. Books and magazines are available in audio or braille, sent free by mail or downloaded from our website or mobile device for your reading convenience. WTBBL provides readers advisory, programming, instruction, and youth services including summer reading, early literacy, a youth large print collection, and multisensory storytimes. Books in audio and braille are also produced locally at the library for inclusion in the national collection.

Visit our website: www.wtbbl.org




Yakima Valley Council of the Blind          (Yakima, WA)

Tristen Breitenfeldt, 2020 President



Sally Mayo, 2021 President





Yakima Valley Council of the Blind is proud to be a part of Washington Council of the Blind and American Council of the Blind as a member-driven nonprofit advocating for and supporting all blind and visually impaired Washingtonians and educating our community.  Our chapter has been active in the Yakima Valley since 2002, and we have continued our weekly “Bowling with the Blind” outreach with generous support from Yakima Lions Club.  We welcome everyone passing through Yakima on a Friday morning to come bowl with our crew, led by our favorite 100-year-old bowler, Anne!

Visit our website: www.yvcbinfo.org

ACB MEDIA CHANNEL 9 Event Schedule


Thursday, October 28, 2021

7:00 p.m.     Pre-convention WCB Board Meeting

9:00 p.m.     Hospitality: Stage II trivia game


Friday, October 29, 2021

9:00 a.m.     Opening Ceremonies

9:10 a.m.     President’s Report

9:30 a.m.     Nominating Committee Report

9:40 a.m.     Constitution & Bylaws Committee Report

10:00 a.m.   American Foundation for the Blind

10:30 a.m.  Careers after COVID and Higher Education post-COVID (panel)

11:30 a.m.   Medical Track (panel)

12:15 p.m.   Featured Vendors

HIMS, Irie-AT, and Leading Edge Vision

1:00 p.m.     Hungry? No big deal, let us prepare your meal (panel)

1:45 p.m.     Framing Advocacy for Accessible Prescription Labeling

2:30 p.m.     Disaster Medicine Project

3:15 p.m.     Clubhouse: a Personal Adventure, an Organizational Asset

3:45 p.m.     Getting Fit and Staying Fit: It’s a Personal Choice (panel)

4:30 p.m.     Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

5:15 p.m.     Featured Vendors

Non-24/Vanda, Northwest Association for Blind Athletes, A.T. Guys, Northwest Access Fund

6:30 p.m.     WCB Fundraising Live Auction

9:00 p.m.     Hospitality: The Newlywed Game


Saturday, October 30, 2021

8:15 a.m.     Vendors on Parade

9:00 a.m.     Welcome Back

9:05 a.m.     National Report

9:30 a.m.     The Jobs People Do (panel)

10:15 a.m.   APH ConnectCenter

10:45 a.m.   Put the FUN in Fundraising

11:15 a.m.   The Big Three (panel)

12:15 p.m.   Forward Together: An Inside Look at Guide Dog Training


5:00 p.m.     Vendors on Parade

5:30 p.m.     The Science of Sound (career panel)

7:00 p.m.     Banquet

9:00 p.m.     Hospitality: Karaoke




(and bidders and winners, too)


Hayley Agers

Anacortes Soo Bahk Do

Bazyn Communications

Computers for the Blind

Dorene Cornwell

Frank Cuta

Lisa & Reg George

Guide Dog Users of Washington State (GDUWS)

Chef Ed Harris

Irie-AT Inc.

Kalispel Tribe and Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Josette Kernaghan

Pierce County Association of the Blind (PCAB)

Seattle Seahawks

Snohomish County Council of the Blind (SCCB)

South King Council of the Blind (SKB)

South Kitsap Council of the Blind (SKCB)

Spokane Council of the Blind (SCB)

United Blind of Tri-Cities (UBTC)

United Blind of Walla Walla (UBWW)

United Blind of Whatcom County (UBWC)

Valdemar Estates in Walla Walla

WCB Diabetics (WCBD)

members of WCB Families Committee

Yakima Valley Council of the Blind (YVCB)




Cathy Wilson, Chair, Tacoma, WA

Beth Greenberg, Vice Chair, Vancouver, WA

Darryl Roberts, Exhibits Coordinator, Seattle, WA

Jenny Anderson, Lynnwood, WA

Julie Brannon, Puyallup, WA

Frank Cuta, Benton City, WA

Cindy Hollis, Flat Rock, MI



Jeff Bishop, Kirkland, WA

Julie Brannon, Puyallup, WA

Deb Cook Lewis, Clarkston, WA

Lisa George, Convention Registrar

& Auction Coordinator, Yakima, WA



Julie Brannon, President, Puyallup, WA

Andy Arvidson, First Vice President, Anacortes, WA

Sheri Richardson, Second Vice President, Seattle, WA

Alco Canfield, Secretary, Spokane, WA

Lisa George, Treasurer, Yakima, WA

Denise Colley, Immediate Past President, Olympia, WA

Hayley Agers, Board Director, Marysville, WA

Nathan Brannon, Board Director, Puyallup, WA

Frank Cuta, Board Director, Benton City, WA

Reg George, Board Director, Yakima, WA

Heather Meares, Board Director, Walla Walla, WA

Kim Moberg, Board Director, Silverdale, WA